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Pan Fantasy Summer 2014 to 2018...

Trinidad August 2015
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Pan Alive (Toronto Panorama) Champion.... 
For 2012 it was "Bacchanalist", in 2013 we presented "Fantastic Friday", for  2014 we entertained the audience with "Big People Party", and for 2015 it was tome to Get Loose with "Lucy"!
In 2016 we won preforming "Unforgettable" and in 2017 it was "We Jammin Still"! "Hulk" was performed in 2018 to lead us to our 7th consecutive win. We now look forward to Pan Alive (Toronto Panorama) 2019.
   Thank you to Band Leader, Wendy Jones; Co-Captain, Edwin Johnour arranger, Al (Allos) Foster;  Driller, Ben Jackson; Tuner, Roland Harrigin; the Musician & Performers; and our Supporters... especially the 'Peanut Gallery'. We could not have done it without ALL of you!

Pan Alive 2015...
Pan Alive 2014...
Photos courtesy of photographer Cheryl Fernandez

Pan Fantasy Steel Band Performed in Brooklyn, New York for Panorama 2013 and 2014!

     In 2013  and 2014 the love and support in Brooklyn made for a memorable and heartwarming experience!! We will be back and look forward to participating in this world class steel pan event.
Thank you to those near and far for supporting us throughout the journey!!

Check out our 2013 performance, courtesy of
When Steel Talks. We placed 4th but finished as a crowd favourite! 

The above is a When Steel Talks (WST) news and reference clip of Pan Fantasy Steelband's performance at the New York 2013 Panorama. According to WST, "The audio is poor and not truly representative of Pan Fantasy's sound. There was much leakage from the sound system - which at times was awful. 100 players performed this Al "Allos" Foster arrangement of "Fantastic Friday". The camera was located to the left and parallel to the judges. Click for results ."
Also, note that Pan Fantasy Steelband did not perform with the assistance of any electronic music devices or electronic sound effects... It was traditional steel pan at its best and an audience favourite!

The complements and support regarding our appearance in New York keeps on flowing... Thank you, we have a committed leadership and team. Below is a sample of some of the many email we received regarding our 2013 Brooklyn, NY performance...

Email from Fred Prescod on September 7, 2013:
To: Wendy Jones; Al Foster
Cc: Edwin John;
Subject: Congratulations on a Great Performance in New York

Hi Wendy, Al, Ben,

Congratulations on a Great Performance in New York!

Pan Fantasy's performance was outstanding and deserved at least second place, and maybe even first place ... you did Canada proud!!!

You all must be commended for the hard work in successfully putting this effort together.




Email from the co-owner of
A Different BookList, writer Itah Sadu:

From: Itah Sadu []
Sent: Friday, September 06, 2013 6:52 PM
To: Al Foster

 2013 Pan Alive Champions - Pan Fantasy Steelband leaves New Yorkers Buzzing

 Dear Editor

 On August 31st, before an audience of thousands, in the city of dreams, in the week ending the 50th anniversary of the “I have A Dream speech”, Toronto’s Pan Fantasy Steelband rolled into New York City, their fantasy to play and win the New York Panorama Competition. Many years ago the band had participated and placed second. Last Saturday night under a summer sky and bright lights, Pan Fantasy executed the tune Fantastic Friday. It was a moment and movement of storytelling, the stories of Superman and Superblue, focus, discipline, cutting edge arrangements and great showmanship. Three generations of Pannists brought their A game and moved New Yorkers from simple curiosity to shock, awe and a standing ovation. “What a fitting way to end the evening,” the MC said excitedly after the band brought the house down. Fitting the show was held on the grounds of a museum – history.

 Despite placing fourth in a lineup of ten bands, Pan Fantasy was a serious contender for the top prize. The fourth place decision puzzled the audience and they booed the news. The Canadian band was a people’s choice. Award winning band leader Wendy Jones, and arranger Al “Allos” Foster, driller Ben Jackson, and the 80 + members congratulations on doing us proud, your dream became a reality of excellence.

 To the parents and supporters of the band you showed by example the important role community plays in enabling dreams. To Edwin John and “de pack de truck crew” back breaking work, your commitment to Steelpan is solid. To all the youth in the band, you were the best ambassadors over the weekend. You now enter the school year as Champions.

 I am also extremely proud to report that the youth showed no lingering signs of disappointment on placing fourth. Rather they understood, they had gained the respect of thousands of people, and had represented a nation. What a life skill lesson. It was great listening to parents speak about the responsibility cultivated by the Steelband appearing in other areas of their children’s lives. To all those in the Pan Community keep on sharing the instrument. Steelbands are creative, scientific spaces that shape character. To the Steelband Pan Fantasy nuff nuff respect for bringing out the best of Canada in New York.

 Fantastic Friday

 Itah Sadu
A Different Booklist

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